Information contained in the calendar

22 xin chou


ji si

Day according to Western calendar.

Stem-branch combination of the day according to Chinese Ganzhi.

Flying Star of the day.

12 Officers on Duty. Days written in red are more auspicious.

28 Asterisms. Days written in red are more auspicious.

Stem-branch combination (Ganzhi) of the month.


Yellow days are the beginning and middle points, jie and qi, of the Chinese Solar month. Time is GMT.

Liri is the day before equinoxes and solstices. Nothing is suitable.
Jueri is the last day of the season. Nothing is suitable.

Monthly General is used in Da Liuren divination.

Each stem-branch combination (Ganzhi) shows the colour of its melodic element (Nayin Wuxing):

wood = green
fire = red

earth = orange (stands for yellow)
metal = grey
water = black

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12 Officers on Duty - Jianchu

Huainanzi, a book published in the time of Early Han-dynasty (206 - 25 B.C.E), describes a twelve day cycle of favourable and unfavourable days. The method is also called Dong-gong or Master Dong.

Jianchu shows the timeliness of the day in relation to the month. Jian is the most timely sharing the earthly branch with month. The branch of Po day clashes with the branch of the month. Zhi, Po and Wei are most untimely. Relationships with and between stems gives a more detailed view on the auspiciousness of the day.

Interpretations mainly by Derek Walters (”Chinese Astrology”).

Jian - Establishment
Ten thousand things are generated.
Auspicious: Beginning new ventures, travel by land, trade, cutting out garments.
Unfavourable: Opening stores, travel by boat or air, digging, construction.

Chu - Removal
Sweep away evil; this is the day of cleansing. Wash and bathe.
Auspicious: Cleaning; taking care of hygiene, health and physical condition.
Unfavourable: Business transactions, public gatherings, marriage, travel, opening a well.

Man - Fulfillment
The Emperor of Heaven fills the treasuries to the brim.
Auspicious: Arranging great festivies and gatherings, marriage, long journeys, change of residence.
Unfavourable: Agriculture, planting and cutting, unstopping watercourses.

Ping - Balance
The day of the Official Gathering and Equal Dividing.
Auspicious: Meditation, marriage, change of residence, distempering walls.
Unfavourable: Planting and cutting, digging ditches, opening sluices.

Ding - Determination
The Emperor of Heaven has placed everyone in their seats. The five grains are in abundance.
Auspicious: All activity. Planting and cutting, digging the ground, wedding, yoking the ox and the horse.
Unfavourable: Making accusations.

Zhi - Rigidity
The Emperor of Heaven administers the ten thousand things, and bestows Heaven's Blessings.
Auspicious: Routine work, opening a well, planting and cutting, wedding, making requests.
Unfavourable: Travel, changing residence, opening of storehouses.

Po - Destruction
The Big Dipper indicates conflicts, arguments, and quarrels.
Auspicious: Lawsuits, punishing criminals, funeral, divorce, digging earth.
Day of conflict. Go fishing.

Wei - Danger
Ascending the dangerous mountain, the wind blows fiercely. Great peril.
Difficulties, danger of accidents.
Be happy and drink wine.

Cheng - Completion
In Heaven's annals are the lives of the ten thousand things.
Auspicious: Making contracts, marriage, travel, digging earth.
Unfavourable: Gossip, making accusations.

Shou - Harvest
The Emperor of Heaven's precious treasures are received today.
Auspicious: Activity, commerce, entering college, marriage, digging earth.
Unfavourable: Travel, burial, acupuncture and moxibustion.

Kai - Opening
The messanger of the Emperor of Heaven is out of danger.
Auspicious: Complete business deals, study crafts, wedding arrangements, travel.
Unfavourable: Burial.

Bi - Closing
Heaven-Earth; Yin-Yang; Open-Closed.
Auspicious: Burial, erecting a memorial stone, hiding.
Unfavourable: Most activities.

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28 Asterisms

Chinese divided the sky into four quarters and named them as constellations: Azure Dragon (east), Red Bird (south), White Tiger (west), and Black Warrior or Turtle (north). Each of the constellations were further divided into seven asterisms. These asterisms divided the ecliptic - the Yellow Path - into 28 parts. By observing the position of Moon against the background of 28 asterisms, the Chinese were able to establish the position of the Sun. The division into 28 parts is supposed to be based on the Saturn cycle of 28 years or Moon cycle of 28 days.

The asterisms occupy unequal segments of the sky. The Moon crosses the smallest of them in less than two hours; while it takes over two days for it to travel through the largest asterism. Because of the inability by most practitioners in the past to calculate precisely the position of the Moon in relation to real asterisms, they assigned one day of the 28-day cycle of the Moon for each asterism. This is still in use in popular forms of predictions using 28 asterisms.

Asterisms were used for making weather forecasts. They were formerly one of the main factors in personal astrology, but they have lost their importance in astrological methods as presently practiced. They are still used in some forms of Feng Shui.

Asterisms are most commonly used in a popular method of determining auspicious and inauspicious days for performing important activities.

Interpretations mainly by Derek Walters (”Chinese Astrology”).

Days written in red are mostly auspicious, those written in black mostly inauspicious.

Governs: Birth, growth, agriculture.
Auspicious: Beginning projects, career, building, and partnership; marriage.
Unfavourable: Finishing projects, burial.

Governs: Illness, judgement, chemical industry.
Auspicious: Releasing prisoners.
Unfavourable: Beginnings, family gatherings, marriage, funeral, building.

Governs: Flight, medication.
Auspicious: Fulfill commitments and responsibilities, pay debts; honesty.
Unfavourable: Marriage contract, travel by boat.

Governs: Furnisher, house interior.
Auspicious: Everything.

Governs: Head of State, conflict with authority, fast action and change.
Unfavourable: Ambition, construction, trial, marriage.

Governs: Inheritance, heir, mother, child; ship, dam.
Auspicious: Construction, finding hidden treasures, marriage contract.

Winnowing Basket
Governs: Riches, gossip, slander, pornography.
Auspicious: Start a new business, open a new door, aquire property, burial.

Southern Dipper
Governs: Reward, promotion; liquids, wine merchant, oil.
Auspicious: Digging, construction, physical labour.

Governs: Field, ground, pathways. Obstacles, difficulties, separations, carelessness, illness and starvation (esp. for animals).
Unfavourable: Contracts, marriage.

Governs: Building, house, marriage, weaving, dowry; quarrels, violence.
Unfavourable: Funeral.

Governs: Undertakers, cemeteries, graves; cold, frozen food industry; family quarrels.
Unfavourable: Digging, construction, marriage.

Danger or Roof
Governs: Fortification, defences, earthwork, construction.
Auspicious: Renovation, repair.
Unfavourable: Travel, moving.

Governs: Fire on the roof, religious building; wealth, honesty.
Auspicious: Construction, starting projects, recognition.

Governs: Virtue, scholarship, fine arts; lies.
Auspicious: Construction, digging, start new ventures, enter through new doors, wedding.

Governs: Arms, preparation for military action, canals, garments, footwear, tectile industry, laundry.
Unfavourable: Digging trenches, construction.

Governs: Harvest, feast, gatherings, choir, orchestra.
Auspicious: Festivities, gatherings, construction, digging trenches, opening water courses, unveiling monuments.

Governs: Accumulation of wealth, store; prison, punishment, execution; sea wall, reservoir, canal.
Auspicious: Investments, savings, banking; everything involving earth: digging, burial etc.; wedding.

Governs: Invasion, judgement, punishment.
Unfavourable: Construction, digging, wedding, starting a family.

Governs: Hunting, wealth; outlaw, deserter, traitor; trouble at frontiers.
Auspicious: Construction, funeral, wedding.

Governs: Herd animals, people under protection; punishment. Don't break the rules.

Governs: Execution, murder, sudden death; frontiers; literature.
Auspicious: Construction, new projects, labour, industry.
Unfavourable: Closing projects, marriage contracts, wedding, funeral.

Governs: Water, watercourses, canals, water transport, cleaning; law.
Auspicious: Taking exams, herbivorous animal husbandry, good prospect for widows, industriousness.
Unfavourable: Laying work aside, funeral.

Governs: Departed spirits, cemeteries, places where people were killed, buried treasures.
Auspicious: Memorial services, visiting graves.
Unfavourable: Marriage, beginning new projects, going through new doors.

Governs: Tears, vegetation.
Unfavourable: Everything.

Governs: Bridges, fords, highway robbery, piracy, kidnapping; textile dying, clothing, pigments.
Auspicious: Construction.
Unfavorable: Funeral, wedding.

Governs: Preparing for festivities, celebration, thriving business, success; sickness of the authority figure.
Auspicious: Everything

Governs: Members of the ruling or legislative body of a nation, concerts, theater, ceremony.
Unfavourable: Wedding; leaving home for business trips, memorial services.

Governs: Long journeys, transportation, vehicles; honour, recognition, promotion.
Auspicious: Commerce, landscape gardening, funeral and memorial service, marriage contract.

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